Audi Escape

–– January 2017

What is the sound of light? If there is no one to see it, does it still illuminate our dark materials? A vessel plunges into the darkly lit passage, its perfect contours capture pulses of light that emit from the tunnel’s perimeter. They commandeer them into an effect that is spectral and phantom. Apparitional.

But light seeks freedom; it is born from the ephemeral, and this interplay between form and phenomena is temporary. It is a moment in time captured by the speeding frame that carries us between worlds – and then without warning, it is gone.

The Film

–– 01

The Art of the Reset

–– 02
The best part of collaborating with the Porn Productions crew is the purity the guides the open experimentation during the research phase. Utilizing techniques has always been a huge interest to the team, mostly for the hyper-organic results it produces when displacing and distorting various substrates.

Frequently, the initial research clips always come out pretty kick-ass, and this exercise was no different. Using water and shallow troughs, the team vibrated and rippled it with delightfully pornographic results. Coupled with stark lighting and sharp specular highlights created some deliciously high-contrast displacement studies.
–– 02

Audi – Escape Credit List

Agency: BBH London
Producer: Michelle Kendrick
Creative Director: Ian Heartfield
Creatives: Adrian Merz, Mark Bushnell
Account Director: Jamie Bolton
Additional: Angus Lees, Billy Dupee

Production Company

Production Company: Nexus Studios
Director: GMUNK
Director of Photography: Sam Goldie
Editor: David Slade
Executive Producer: Jeremy Smith
Producer: Jo Bierton
VFX supervisor: Alex Hammond
VFX supervisor: James Maclachlan


Colour: FreeFolk
Colourist: Duncan Russell

Service Production

Service Company: Trixtr
Line producer: Damir Vajdic
Prod. manager: Aleš Kranjec
Location manager: Žarko Ivković
1st AD: Tina Fratnik

Camera / Grip / Sparks

Focus puller A: Joško Morović
Focus puller B: Srdjan Kokanov
2nd Camera ass. A: Marin Marišić
2nd Camera ass. B: Goran Fabrio
DIT: Simon Sedmak
Gaffer: Andrej Gorenc
Best Boy: Jernej Vaupetic
DIT: Simon Sedmak
Key Grip: Blaž Jelnikar
Grip: Niko Zavadlav
Grip: Klemen Fajfar

Russian Arm

Precision driver: Miran Kacin
RA Op: Igor Teljukov
RA Precision driver: Antonios Varvasoudis
RA Flight head op: Pasquale Barisano
RA Truck driver: Costantin Abalasei