BS Brand Package

July 2011 ––
BLACK SWAN – In November 2010 munkowitz joined forces with the amazing group of talent at the Black Swamp and for 12 months served as their Design Director. One of his plentiful duties was editing and designing their annual montage reel, so he certainly took to some munkoFreshness for his BS Steaz-Filled Demo Reel Debut.

The Reel

–– 01

Branding Exercise

–– 01

With the appointment of design director also came the task of managing all the branding for the Company. Of course munko's first step was to try to Rename the outfit altogether, but that proved difficult to push through the senior management. Looking forward, he thought the most appropriate execution of their branding would be through a street-inspired and nostalgic calligraphic lettering style.

Brand Execution

–– 02

For the execution they hired on the talents of the renowned typographer Luca Barcellona who took the brief and rendered a most perfect solution to their design problem. Munko then took all the delivered typography components and treated them to a more subversive finish.

Design Variations

–– 03

Luca's collaborative spirit was evidenced throughout the entire branding study, in which even the alternates were at a strong level of refinement and polish.

BS Website

–– 04

Utilizing the ease of use and scalability of the renowned Cargo platform, munkowitz designed and implemented their website with much love. Functionality and ease of use were the primary objectives that resulted in a minimalist layout where content is key.

Header Image Variation

–– 05

The team at BS played with a variety of logo treatments to rotate as the header image of the site. The script worked perfectly, but in the end the group decided the existing minimalist treatment was more on brand. Nonetheless, it was a fresh exercise met with amusing results.

Design Director, Lead Editor

at Black Swamp
for Matthew Winkler Inc.