Bacardi Live

August 2007 ––
Maverick Digital founder Todd Tilley commissioned munkowitz to generate animated graphic content for the Bacardi LIVE series of concert performances. The primary objective of the concert visuals was to reflect the essence and aesthetic of the city where the performances were being produced, and also making certain to prominently feature the Bacardi LIVE branding elements. Below is a compilation of the content generated for three of the BLIVE productions:

Bacardi Live NYC 2008

–– 01

Design Language

The design aesthetic was rendered in the predictably gritty, urban-esque nature of New York City. Heaps of audio gear elements infused with skyscrapers and sound towers informed the title cards for the performing artists.

Bacardi Live Las Vegas 2006

–– 03

Design Language

–– 04

To capture the frenetic visual explosion that is vegas, a kaleidoscope motif was established, cycling through hundreds of instanced bacardi bats to generate a textural graphic statement of visual density. Live-Action macros of the Bacardi Bottles and a grip of maya dynamics simulations rounded out the compilation.

Maya Playblast Montage

–– 05

 A healthy dosage of maya ndynamics were used in excess to generate the gfx language for the Vegas campaign, below is a compilation of all sorts of playblastin' blastn'.

Bacardi Live Las Vegas 2007

–– 06

The follow-up Vegas graphic campaign was flawed from the outset, being forced to feature a very nasty library of graphics created by the in-house Bacardi team. Working around the eye sorez proved a bit more difficult than expected, although noble in effort indeed. 

Lead Designer, Lead Animator

for Maverick Digital