DUB Magazine DVD

June 2007 ––
While serving as a Design Director at Transistorstudios, munkowitz was awarded the opportunity to create the opening animation, menu system, transitional clips and a content piece for DUB Magazine's 2008 DVD Release and was the golden opportunity to get all Dubbtastic widdit.

The opening animation was a brief study in Whitmore-esque camera animation ( sadly not done nearly as well ). Although, nobody ever put Ludicris on the grille of a Hummer and got away with it on a national DVD release, so there's some redemption. Again, audio done by soundsRED, who flexed the versatility muscle and wrote a solid hipHop track for the DVD menu systems.

The Film

–– 01

DVD Versioning

–– 02

The DVD content and menu systems were versioned for each of the 4 National centers of distribution; Miami, Los Angeles, Detroit and Atlanta. Each DVD contained customized editorial content from concerts, DUB shows and interviews relevant to each city.

Transitional Footage

–– 03

The finest hours of the project were spent at the DUB Headquarters, alongside Jared Plummer as the DP, shooting up some of their insanely beast vehicles for the transistional elements. Below is the edit of that footage with sound design by soundsRED.

DUB Show Promo

–– 04

This :30 second infomercial-esque spot was crafted with Design, Animation and Editorial love from munko. Doing this gig even earned a few passes to the Los Angeles Convention center show, which was unforgettable to say the least; amaaazing culture this DUB Empire has built indeed.

DUB Promo Design Frames

–– 05

In collaboration with Master Cody Smith, who helped clean up the gnarly Geometry of them rims so they could be rendered out of finalRender, thank you. Again, VO treatment, sound design and music by soundsRED. 

Lead Designer, Lead Animator

at Transistorstudios
for DUB Magazine