Defining Progeria

January 2013 ––
While vacationing at the lovely Rabbit Animation with 3/5 of old BS Crew, munko was tapped to be the Lead Designer and Art Director on a explanatory graphic sequence in the forthcoming documentary Life According to Sam, directed by the talented Sean and Andrea Fine.

The style was data inspired tech-gfx with a golden touch, describing in detail how the genetic disorder Progeria causes the mutation of young cells to cause a great host of health issues in young children, including premature aging and a much lower life-expectancy. 

Progeria Motion Design

–– Plexus Heaven

Plexus and OBJ imports were the main components of execution, along with wide-open apertures to bring the images into the optical realms of physicality – which for CG is a favorite aesthetic because it brings everything closer to photographic reality.

This approach allowed for graceful, sweeping camera moves while the rack focusing maintained the smooth vibe of the piece. The full CG sequence used in the Film can be found on Mr. Losq's Vimeo Page.
–– 02

Lead Designer, Art Director

at Rabbit Post
for Life According to Sam