FOX MLB Package

March 2013 ––
While freelancing at SF's finest Autofuss, munkowitz conceived and directed this pitch for the mighty Fox Sports MLB package. The concept, dubbed Kinetic Theory, explores the motion and dynamics of baseball, using imagery inspired by Time Manipulation, the Science of Optics, and Data Imaging Techniques including Projections and Prismatic Aberrations.

The execution was a blend of these imaging techniques while being supplemented by delicate, modern design elements. Utilizing this assemblage of techniques, the resulting package would be filled with innovation and experimental imagery to bring an extremely fresh take on such a traditional American pastime.

B-Roll Styleframes

–– 01

Info: Perhaps the most important aspect of the package was the B-Roll delivered to FOX Sports to allow them to make promotional edits on their own within their usual small production timeframes. The plan was to have Autofuss prepare an easily executable toolkit that could simulate the visuals of baseball footage being projected onto surfaces that exist in the baseball family, ie leathers, woods, concrete, and a few organic screen textures.

The execution of the technique would be split between the two studios, where Autofuss would do the specialized hero shots and FOX would produce their own sets using supplied textures and simple 3d camera pitches with simulated lens optics. The resulting package would be rich with textures from the game, and a palette of action-packed shots coupled with the familiar optical properties so prevalent in the rest of the package.

Motion Research

–– 02
Info: To make things even more delicious, the team provided an edit of all the motion research they conducted during the pitch timeframe, utilizing the in-house Phantom Miro for high-speed shots and also including a series of projection and refraction techniques. 

The ultra-talented Devon Whetstone and Ian Colon were a dream to collaborate with for the live-action assets and certainly provided munko with an optimistic glimmer for the future collaborations in store inside the lovely gates of the Fuss. 
–– 02

Concept, Lead Designer

at Autofuss
for FOX Sports
FOX MLB Credit List

Production Company: Autofuss
Executive Creative Director: Randall Stowell
Executive Producer: Julia Gottlieb
Head of Production: Micah Gendron
Pitch Concept: Bradley G Munkowitz
Design Director: Bradley G Munkowitz
Lead Designer: Bradley G Munkowitz
Editor: Ian Colon
Director of Photography: Devon Whetstone
Additional Photography: Ian Colon, Danny Koenig