Five Creative Bursts

August 2008 ––
While at Buck Los Angeles, munko pitched on some branding promos for the Five campaign. He was fortunate enough to work with master Modo modeler John Niehuss, provider of the wetness with his modeling and rendering skillz, and together they enabled the following concepts

Conveyer Belt

–– 01

The ID starts on a tight shot of a row cars in a massive traffic jam. Heavy rain falls on their hoods, and the cars are all of the same make, moving at a uniform pace. There are cutout trees and buildings, much like props from a play set, moving a little more rapidly on either side of the cars, building disbelief to the veracity of the scene.

The camera pulls back further, revealing all the elements on a conveyer belt, moving at different rates in the same direction, the gears of the belt churning slowly keeping the scene in motion. The camera pulls back even further to reveal a large humpback whale, tethered to the inside of a glass dome, raining on the street conveyer belt below. The camera rests on this shot for a beat, allowing the quixotic imagery to settle in.

The camera pulls back once more to reveal the cars reaching the end of the conveyer belt and falling into a huge pileup at the bottom of the sphere. The final camera rests outside the glass sphere, framing it in a long shot, concluding the surreal story that has been told.

Not sure how they thought this concept would win the pitch, munko is sorry, Buck.

Conveyer Belt

–– 02

This ID starts off on a stark backdrop with small graphic cubes breaking the blackness with subtle gradations of gray. A hyper-reflective cube trimmed with a glowing yellow cage rests in the center of the frame. In the middle of the cube is a sprinting hamster, illuminated by a small spotlight. The camera watches the hamster intently, emphasizing his efforts to make something amazing happen.

One beat later, the cube folds inward, multiplying into 4 illuminated glass prisms, each flanked by it's own pyramid. In each prism is a sprinting Doberman, stylized similar to the hamster to fit the aesthetic of the spot. The frame makes up geometric unity as the dobermans hover in place inside their prisms, sprinting hard to keep the frame exciting.

The cycle occurs once more, with the prisms folding inward, duplicating once again, filling the frame with an assortment of geometric shapes and angles. Inside the hero 8 shapes are sprinting black panthers, completing the evolution of the graphic shape and its inhabitants.

A more appropriate concept that still lost, munko suck.

Lead Designer, Art Director

at Buck Los Angeles
for Five Networks UK