GMUNK 20012

January 2012 ––
A Final Homage to the .SWF – It's no secret that the munkowitz and Shockwave Flash love affair dates back to the beginnings of the century, as his early outputs were largely based within the rich-web medium. He was planning a big .fla drop for the beginning of 2011, collaborating on the grand finale with the uber-ridiculously-too-talented Monster Shane Mielkebeast to introduce a unique interface to the community.

The process was, of course, slightly delayed when two dear comrades fortunately convinced him an HTML5 site would be much more future-proof, so a large break was taken to get down with some CargoLovin. Fast forward to the present, with munko finishing his prudent HTML5 duties and being quite elated to publish this .SWF monster with only a very slim one year time offset on it's release date:

+ g26: GMUNK .20012

Design Concept

–– 02
Munkowitz initially sent the mighty Mielkebeast a design frame, detailing an interface concept that involved a color-coded matrix representing content from a portfolio. The sorting commands were the usual by random, date and tiered order of preference, and included a tagged search func to get down with them tags.

Dynamic Content Matrix

–– 03 
Certainly the luxurious aspect of the interface was its dynamic behavior by rearranging its composition with each sorting command, rendering an endless array of rich graphic layouts to present the hierarchy of work. Indeed a tricky coding challenge but certainly an intriguing one for the German extraordinaire.

German Pixel Warfare

–– 04
Of course munko designed all aspects of the site adhering to a 1 pixel grid, with every element being perfectly aligned within the lighter dots of the grid to render a darker pixel frame around each and every graphic. So not only did Mielkebeast have to figure out the dynamic randomization concept, but also had to execute the content re-structuring within the strict confines the death-inducing single pixel-fucking munkowitz eye.. Pure Evil; what a dick.

︎ Come Take a Journey Through Time & Space ︎

Mandingo Immortal 2003

–– 05 
Probably the all-time favorite and garnering the most web exposure was the 2003 update at the conclusion of a 15 month residence in Manhattan. Mandingo Kirby, the feature-packaged mustangued master of dexter-romping disaster was pure gold from the get-go. The 4 audio tracks were done by the one and only Blazing Lazer Chazzo-muncher rad and the site's sound design by munkowitz and Ms. Jewel:

+ g26: ° { PmpFx. Mustangu e ± 2003 } ™ - January 2003

NYSC Memorial 2001

–– 06
Munkowitz moved to Manhattan in August 2001, taking residence with 3 very influential designers on Canal and Church. Unfortunately, only few weeks later they were displaced by a couple giant explosions, all of which ultimately inspired a saturnine and mournful affect from the vaults:

+ g26: (NYSC) munkosity° HDC_026. - September 2001

Seattle Extrasexxestrial 2001

–– 07
During a four month residency in the most beautiful pacific northwest, munkowitz was certainly inspired by the oxygen feeds, developing an obsession of alien life forms and transplanetary flaxseeds. He decided to feature his favorite E.T lifeform and conceived a love connection with Vir2L's british secretary while also crafting an interface overlay of his favorite danish headlines. The exodus from Seattle was with maximum freshness and a destiny's child in place to one day return back to his roots of the PDX Oxygen Chamber.

+ g26: ° (n) Seattle../ g26·PmpFx99 - June 2001

Mediatempler Saviorism 2001

–– 08
Being a young, ignorant and rather poor web designer got munkowitz into a bit of bandwidth trouble, enabling his evil dick server admins to abruptly shut his site down while levying a large fine as the icing on top of the anguish. After a public plea for help, the lovely peoples at Mediatemple, led by the estimable Demian Sellfors, gifted munkowitz a server to populate with his rubbish for eternity.

+ g26: 0.01// _Re:B1RTH" - January 2001

European Multi-Niners 2000

–– 09
The follow-up UK residency site had all the flavor of the original EU Transitionalists, yet began to infuse munko's love of talking paper cut-outs mixed with pornographic thumbnails and other sentimental statements. A huge inspiration from the British aural stimuli was clearly evident, and a very peculiar short film debut on the site as well; so cute those little quicktimes they used to post, silly.

+ g26: multiNine9.00 - September 2000

European Transitionalists 2000

–– 10
Arriving in London for a 14 month stint at Vir2L Studios Europe filled munkowitz with an endless feed of inspiration as he voraciously captured the visual and aural experience on his shitty handycam, crafting short films at an alarming rate due to this intense surge of the inspired self. He, did, however, make the mistake of featuring a douchey muggshot on the site, taken from his UK ID Card, and deeply regrets that pitiable decision even to this day.

+ g26: euro ~ transiti°°(n) - August 2000

Vir2L Influentials 2000

 –– 12
Munkowitz's first gig out of Humboldt County was with the old-school design powerhouse Vir2L Studios, jamm'n alongside some of the best young designers on the entire planet, all of whom obviously had a massive influence on young munko's design vernacular. God speed dear friends, he shall never forget.

+ g26: upd8.. /0702 L - June 2000

Lead Designer, Lead Flash Developer

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