GMUNK 20089

March 2009 –– 
The face of GMUNK hadn't seen an update in 8 years, so after discovering the immense artistic talents of Master Kevin Peterson, a collaboration was in store. Together they enabled 4 distinct Munko-mugg'z, each with its own expressive flair. It was a wicked fun design process met with great results indeed, definitely a solid final touch to the Demo Reel update, "f*ck that shit, f*ck that shiiiiite."

The Reel

–– 01

Design Process

–– 02
KP and Munkowitz started off in the cute realm and continued to nastify the mugg, adding pimples, shaggy hair, broken teeth, some drool, some extra bald and more pimples. and a Shakur homage and they were happy.

The Rebranding

–– 03
Munko wanted a very colorful intro and outtro to the demo reel, taking the new munkoStates and getting them color swatches out, technicolorista, like that.

Lead Designer, Editor