Game of Life Concepts

January 2019 ––
Working with the best artists in the industry is always the highest honor, and for this series of conceptual designs for a branded short film, Munkowitz tapped his favorite collaborators: the great Conor Grebel and Michael Rigley – both ridiculously talented artists who always bring their A-Game for the throwdowns. The concept behind this film was to portray the sonically discordant urban life replete with negative vibrations and chaos and represent it’s metamorphosis through channeling illuminated healing energy from a cellular level outward. This transformation ran deep through the DNA of every living organism, and was very inspiring to jutapose the mechanical, urban palettes of cityscapes with the organic, cellular constructs of humanity. It sure would’ve been a compelling sequence, but unfortunately it got cancelled during the design phase due to a variety of factors out of the team’s control. Nonetheless, certainly an evocative set of designs and scenic that had to be shared.       

Design Director

for The Shimmer Kid
Credit List

Design Director: GMUNK
Lead Designer: Conor Grebel
Lead Designer: Michael Rigley