HBO Boxing After Dark

May 2005 ––
While serving as Design Director at Transistorstudios, Munko was awarded the opportunity to design, edit and animate the show open for HBO's Boxing After Dark program. The goal was to infuse dramatic energy with aggressive editing and cutaways while playing off the numerical data of the sport, creating a typographic language that was rich with detail and statistical information. In addition, the grandiose nature of the spot was emphasized using dramatic spotlight cutaways to push an additional layer of relevant aesthetic to the cut.

The Film

–– 01

Design Keyframes

–– 02

Heaps of lightLeaks, filmic lens effects, boxing statistical data as typographic detail, a crunchy crispy blue-ish grade and a fuckton of spotLight overlays informed the design of the promo.

Alternate Design

–– 03

A secondary design was pitched using a warm palette and facilitating the boxing data and counters as a larger, more prominent graphic element. This data was to be composited in a more aggressive fashion with the live-Action, integrating with the depth of each shot to unify the two elements.

Lead Designer, Lead Animator

at Transistorstudios
for HBO Networks