Holy Wars Titles

January 2010 ––
Dear friend and fellow Schizoid Stephen Marshall awarded munkowitz the excellent opportunity to concept, design and animate the opening titles for his documentary entitled Holy Wars.

The film, as summarized on IMDb: Take one Muslim advocate for global jihad and put him in a room with one conservative Christian on a mission to evangelize the world's Muslims. Which man will be left standing? Touching down in four hotbeds of religious fundamentalism – Pakistan, Lebanon, UK, and heartland America – HolyWars goes behind the scenes of the 1400 year old conflict between Islam and Christianity.

The conceptual treatment was a wall of holyScripture quotes from both religions, set on opposite sides of the frame, gradually intensifying in number as the sequence progressed. By the culmination / Title reveal, the screen is a wall of typography, each religion duly represented and at war with each other, ushering in the first shot of the film.

The Film

–– 01

The Rejects

–– 02

Playing with fire and ShatterFX and lightBlasts and lensFlares and Flickers and colored filmGrain and lightLeaks and all sorts of shit that didn't work very well.

The Rejects Film

–– 03

Design Director, Lead Animator

for Stephen Marshall