Hummer Selector

September 2007 ––
Master Director Joseph Kosinski contacted munkowitz to design and animate a videogame interface for his Hummer 'Selector' spot. The concept was to have the interface mirror an A.D.D child on crack's hyperactive gameplay, configuring a perfect Hummer with a dizzying array of options. The spot's CG was executed to perfection by the talented crew at Digital Domain, and through this experience, munkowitz was introduced to a core group of DD all-stars that he'd work extensively with in the future's future.

The Film

–– 01

Interface development

–– 02

What started off a very layered and detailed menu system stripped down to a more tasteful 'future-apple' minimalism. It's JoeKo's world; can't mess with the minimalist; he'll make it good.

Icon development

–– 03

A great deal of munko's time was spent designing icons for each 'feature' of the Bummer. Each graphic element had to be agency approved, yet in the end Luke ( the Modernista Art Director) was extremely chill during the process, mighty good man, Luke.


–– 04

They called this one the BUMR_gangbang.eps. would've made a rad t-shirt spazz.

Lead Designer, Lead Animator

at Digital Domain
for Hummer USA