Infrared 5 Mural

March 2012 ––
Munkowitz was hired by his dear friend Rebecca Allen Smith, the CEO and Creative Director of the Boston-based tech company Infrared5, to design a mural for their studio space which had recently undertaken a full renovation.

Taking the Infrared5 brand colors as the key element, munko started sketching forms and linework arrays, making sure to not create TOO much of a mindFuck as the final piece was quite large and could cause seizures if the Opulence was too strong. The project was a delicious design challenge and a thorough exploration was conducted to get to the final submission.

Mural Installation

–– 01
Mural Installation: The final artwork was 11' x 11', approximately 13,000 pixels square, and was printed at a local print facility specializing in large format digital printing. They were output and shipped as three panels, 11 feet tall by roughly 3.5 feet wide and had a back that peeled off to reveal an adhesive that would stick to the wall. Abigail Newbold and her partner ended up doing the installation, which took close to 8 hours of meticulous labor. 

Additional juicy bits about the mural and it's design process can be found on the Infrared5 blog.

Freestyle Optical Outtakes

–– 02
Predictably, munkowitz rocked freestyle on the project as well, generating an assortment of Op-ularized Optical Opulence to give the eyeballs a solid workout, and to further the development and technique of his favorite design aesthetic. In some future decade, he might be a 1/10th as fresh as his design hero: the Master Gilmore; it takes time no doubt.