Luxottica Brand Video

October 2009 ––
The fine peoples at Luxottica reached out and touched munkowitz to craft a 2 minute 'Brand Experience' tradeshow projection, primarily for their employees and shareholders to watch and be sizzled with excitement for all the fabulous brands the company manufactures something important for.

The Film

–– 01


–– 02
The piece is built on two foundations: one being the key importance of a unique typographic headline for each section of the script, and the second being the deconstruction of a generic eyeglass frame, providing an outside environment and transition point into each interior typographic space.

This outside environment functions as a transition point, pushing the camera in and out of 3D eyeglass shards to usher in the different interior environments. It will be graded with minimal color, providing a dark, glossy respite from the rich, colorful interiors.

Each interior environment will have it's own distinct look and feel, driven by the appropriate definition of each highlighted characteristic. The overall tone of these environments is a richly colored, high-end, luxurious design with textural qualities . The typography will be custom designed reflecting the distinct characteristics of the brand, and will stay stationary and on-screen for the duration of the time in each interior environement, which will make the animation modular and non-linear.

There will also be consistent design elements in each environment, including the generous use of filmic overlays such as lens flares and light blooms. Audio-driven line animations will be a recurring element as well, changing in style according to the environment it resides in.

The piece will end with all the eyeglass shards making up a backlit Luxottica logo, concluding in a punctuating moment and conceptually bringing all the visuals together with the brand.

Designer, Lead Animator

Luxottica Brand Video Credit List

Producer: Agathe Fay
Concept / Creative Direction: Bradley G Munkowitz
Designers: Bradley G Munkowitz, Nathan Flood
2d Animation: Bradley G Munkowitz, Peiter Hergert
3d Modeling: John Niehuss
3d Animation: Bradley G Munkowitz, John Niehuss
3d Lighting / Rendering: Bradley G Munkowitz
Compositing: Bradley G Munkowitz, Peiter Hergert
Sound Editing: Agathe Fay