MTV10 Spot

February 2007 ––
While serving as Design Director at Transistorstudios, munkowitz was given the opportunity to design, shoot and animate this 10 second promo for MTV's 10 spot series. Since the budget was so ridiculously small, the producerPowers at TS mandated the spot be completed from conception to final execution in a mere 24 hours, ouch.

The Film

–– 01

Awarded Storyboard

–– 02

The concept was to have fire-breathing wolves wearing suits of armor engaged in a legendary battle of mayhem, eventually burning off each other's fur and skin revealing their robotic interiors, and ultimately glitching apart in a grandoise display of electrical chaos.

Talent Casting

–– 03

Without any time or budget to create CG Wolves, they had to get crafty with resources, so munko cast 'Zeke the Dark' to be the star. Zeke, a rescue belonging to the great Joel Lava, played the part marvelously as they snapped photos of his scary mug at the Venice Doggy Park.

Alternate Concept 01

–– 04

Imagine if you will, a romantic three-toed sloth couple making sweet love, suuuuper slow, suuuuuuper deep, in and out, nice and slow, thrust, and retract, thrust, and retract. 10 seconds worth, Excellent.

Alternate Concept 02

–– 05

A puppy nose is inhaling everything imaginable, from satellite dishes to candy, vinyl figurines to cocaine to fire and smoke to hockey sticks. Ultimately causing a very nasty case of bloody eyeball.

Lead Designer, Art Director

at Transistor Studios
for MTV Networks