Mandingo Immortal

February 2003 ––
Mandingo's got some moves, peoples. While living in NYC and cultivating what was to be the last functional incarnation of GMUNK, munko somehow convinced fellow Crunch Fitness member and muscleMilk icon Mandingo Immortal to don a wickedly fierce man-tard and rock his pipe in front of some green. To this day probably the freshest piece of work in munk's career.  Special thanks to David Gratton for his help with the interactive component of the quicktime.

Mandingo Immortal – Online

–– 02
Probably the all-time favorite and garnering the most web exposure was the 2003 update at the conclusion of a 15 month residence in Manhattan. Mandingo Kirby, the feature-packaged mustangued master of dexter-romping disaster was pure gold from the get-go. The 4 audio tracks were done by the one and only Blazing Lazer Chazzo-muncher rad and the site's sound design by munkowitz and Ms. Jewel:

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