Marlboro Journey

February 2005 ––
While freelancing remotely for Psyop NYC, munkowitz squelched his moral code and designed a couple styleframe sets telling a stylized story of the Ultimate Marlboro Man and his adventures in studly-dom. The first set was a stylized electroburst aesthetic depicting machismo activities of race-car driving and pimpn' on them hot electroBiaatches, tied together with cohesive transitional elements into a unified campaign.

Alternate Styleframes

–– 01
The Alternate set of frames told a more definitive story of exploration while adding some highlight tonalities so everything didn't come off as so bloody monochromatic. A helicopter ejects the hero into the skyBoarding realm, he lands on a mountain, climbs he way up a cavern and cowboys up some steeds towards his ultimate destination. Happily, this was the only time Marlboro can be cited as a client, Humboldt would be proud of that fact.

Lead Designer

for Psyop
ultimately for Marlboro