Spark the Next

July 2020 ––
We are hurtling into the future. But we refuse to forget our past. And even as we honor our heritage, we know we must evolve. We had an opportunity here to define what the future of Maserati will look like, building upon over 100 years of history to give voice to a new generation of Maserati drivers.

The Maserati Ghibli Hybrid embodies this duality of past and future, legacy and evolution, tradition and innovation. Joining together old and new to spark the next. It is the attitude of the Iconoclasts of Now, the members of the Slash Generation who look to history to create the future and for whom being a hybrid is a way of life. Our vision is one of epic juxtaposition — the backdrop of Maserati heritage with the new technology of LED screens, the story told by a design language that plays with vanishing points and optical distortions to completely transform our audience’s visual perspective and their expectations. The audacity of our Iconoclasts should be electrifying and palpable — creating a cohesive hybrid mixtape world where every pixel of this iridescent vision of the future feels real.

It’s never a straight road to change, but a spark that ignites in unexpected ways.

The Film

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The Concept

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We are seeing the car becoming supercharged with the combined energy of the past and the future, from the clever perspective illusions, to the light sweeping over the car, the electric spark elements leading us through, and the vivid gradients and color scheme. It is almost as though we are encapsulating the pulsating spirits of the new generation of Maserati drivers — the way they have grown up in both the physical and digital worlds — the electricity that sparks through their bodies, brains, and technology — and how they see the world in a completely new perspective.
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The Content

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The design language is a hybrid mixtape of elements that fuse together, incubating the new Ghibli Hybrid into its evolved form. In this film, the hybrid spark was a character of its own. Rather than rely on a CG execution, we captured the spontaneous, playful nature of real sparks in a practical shoot. We placed a Tesla coil on an effects stage to shoot the sparks in all their dazzling and unique glory. Long exposure, elemental streaks and immaculate detail – nothing beats the real thing – all of which would create a library of bespoke electricity that could be composited onto any asset and then permeated further into the body of the campaign. Our approach honors the Ghibli attitude: real sparks from a Tesla coil (first designed by Nikola Tesla in 1891) and captured and ultimately replicated into our motion design language – remixing the old to create the new.

The Ghibli Hybrid is for the rule breakers and shot takers of today. For them, luxury is synonymous with streetwear, high-low isn’t an oxymoron, and hiphop is the height of culture. That was the vibe of the cast we were looking for, hype beasts who can simply stand and sit with such an audacious attitude that they look impossibly dope. We wanted to capture the glow of their confidence and swagger by lighting them with iridescent color gradients in the same color treatment as the other design elements. We wanted to see multiple instances repeated in the screens, duplicating them using double exposures, triple exposures, echoing, and strobing effects. We wanted to show the breadth of their influence and visualize the amplification of their energy.

For the motion design, the great Toros Kose took the sparks from the practical footage and the attitude of our iconoclasts and integrated them into our design language to create a design that exuded confidence, irridescence and attitude on the screen.
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for Ultra Brand Studio
Credit List

Los Angeles Shoot

Director: GMUNK
Production Company: JOJX
Executive Producer: Joe Care
Production Supervisor: MK Wise
Director of Photography: Joe Picard
1st AC: Devin Keebler
DIT: Kyle Hoekstra
Gaffer: Ira Boyd
Tesla Coil: Austin Richards
Key Grip: Danny Stephens
Best Boy Grip: Steven Hassenpflug
Hair Makeup: Jamie Keller
Talent: Brandon Rosete, Devyn Adair, Oly Malykina
Studio: Sirreel Studio

Italy Shoot

Director: GMUNK
Production Company: JOJX
Executive Producer: Joe Care
Producer: Andrea Tavani
Director of Photography: Alessandro Dominici
1st AC: Riccardo Gillione
2nd AC: Niccolo Conterno
DIT: Andrea Brolpito
Gaffer: Paolo Monetti
Electrician 1: Florin Covaci
Electrician 2: Andrea Rostellato
Key Grip: Luciano Roversi
Grip: Angelo Pace
Crane Jib Operator: Marco Piretto
Crane Truck Driver: Mauro Belli
Crane Technician: Fabio Francini
Studio: Four Studios
Four Studios Producer: Donato Catena
Four Studios Ass. Producer: Diana Ruggi
Video Image Executive Producer: Luca Gualdi
Video Image Executive Ass. Producer : Sandra Penzo

Post Production

Design Director: Toros Kose
Content Design: Toros Kose
Editor: Matt Berardi
Post Production: Ethos Studio
Producer: Brittany Carson
Colorist: Kaitlyn Battistelli
Music: Jorja Smith ‘Beatiful Little Fools’ (Boss Mischief Refix)
Music: Weval ‘I Don’t Need It’
Music: Ben Lukas Boysen ‘Gravity’


Maserati Client: Valentina Sirolla
Maserati Creative Director: Philip Jacobson
Agency: Ultra Brand Studio
Creative Director: Alistair Schoonmaker
Art Director: Will Battersby
Copywriter: Matt Bennett
Producer: Anna Drake

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