Michelob Ultra – Real is Better

March 2021 ––
Munko was hit up by the brilliant folks at Draftline NYC who had an intriguing campaign devised for the launch of a new line of Organic Flavors for their signature Michelob Ultra Organic Seltzer. Of course, this new line of flavors was made with Real Organic Fruit Juice, and as always, Real is Better – so who would disagree with that? The answer is the one community who passionately hates things that are real – Artificial Intelligence. So the ask was to visualize the parallel thought processes of an AI attacking the transmission of the commercial feed and reprogramming something it deems much more interesting.

This line of beverages is already at the cutting edge with its 100% Organic Ingredients, so it was only fitting that the team do something that in its essence, in its visual style, in its tech and graphic design, surpasses what’s expected. An approach that does something totally surprising and artful. In turn the brand then owns a story, it owns characters, it owns a certain kind of personality, a look and language that is undeniably Michelob Ultra Organic Seltzer.

The Film

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The Concept

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For the team, it was about visualizing the AI’s thought process. The first step was bringing the audience into its cerebral processes, carefully considering how an AI entity might emote, might be hurt, might be frustrated or threatened and then expressing all of that visually. It’s taking into consideration the design of hyper-thought that might exist in a dimension that exceeds our usual perception.

AI is all about efficiency, about singularity, about multi-tasking. It’s also about this sort of vastness and scale. So with the typography and the voice waveforms, the team was crafting a world within the glitches that almost takes this whole thing seriously. As if this is a real AI takeover, and without getting TOO WEIRD about it, getting into the mindset of an AI that perceives the organic quality and the anti-artificial DNA of the MUOS as a threat.

What the team envisioned was that the elements of typography, graphic design and the omniscient voice evolve constantly. Just the way AI is always learning and adapting, becoming smarter and reacting, so does the design language of the campaign. Things morph, images and text have edges and textures, it’s far more than the matrix, it almost has a pulse.

The takeover is immediate, it’s jarring. It should feel multidimensional in that way, sensory and a total surprise. But it’s only just begun. 
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Creative Director, Design Director

for Michelob Ultra Organic Seltzer
Credit List

Director: GMUNK
Design Director: Bradley G Munkowitz
Lead Designer: Nicolas Lopardo
Additional Design: Peiter Hergert
Editor: Peiter Hergert
Animation: Nicolas Lopardo, Peiter Hergert
Production: JOJX
Agency: Draftline NYC