April 2019 ––
While Munky was serving his year-long sabbatical at the legendary San Francisco staple Obscura Digital,  he was given the opportunity to test a truly inspiring camera system called the Max Array – a multi-camera marvel from the Cinemoves group developed by the one and only Max Penner. Their directive was to shoot richly saturated scenes of natural beauty with the five-camera array to test the stitching pipeline of a vehicle interacting with its surroundings. The Max Array was mounted to a Russian Arm and beautifully stabilized by Cinemoves, allowing the team sufficient freedom to express these testing scenarios in beautifully dynamic ways. As a result, there was ample motivation for editing the center-cam footage together to produce this short film entitled ‘Movement.’ 

The Film

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The Concept

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The group adventured out into four prized locations in northern Californa – the Coastal Roads of Big Sur, the Magical Redwoods of Mendocino, the Eucalyptus Groves of Petaluma, and a slew of smaller coastal roads and farm pastures along the way. They chose vehicles to fit the mood of their surroundings, which ranged from the textured vintage all the way to the ultra-modern machine. The film was captured by the legendary DoP Andrew Shulkind who was an absolute pleasure to collaborate with and shared a common vision emphasizing light and mood in the scenes and the dynamic compositions they captured.  
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The Process

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Munky’s favorite part about being a live-action director is the intensely rich adventures you find yourself in. Imagine meeting a group of twelve strangers, who then have to band together for an epic four-day adventure where every minute of every day is spent together solving problems while being as creative as possible – all with the common goal of producing beautiful imagery that resonates within their shared sphere of taste. So many problems had to be solved and it only strengthened the bond and memories within the team. Below are selects from Munky’s 35mm film camera documenting these shared exploits. 
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Credit List

Director: GMUNK
Director Of Photography: Andrew Shulkind
Assistant Director: Nick Alvarez
Gaffer: Gordon McIver
Key Grip: Joe Allen
Executive Producer: Matty Dowlen
VP Creative Development: Sara Cline
Technical Director: Michael Graae
Senior Producer: Sherri Nevins
Line Producer: Raub Shapiro
Production Supervisor: Sarah George
Location Manager: Mark Redmond
Camera System: Max Penner
Russian Arm: Cinemoves

Post-Production: Ethos Studios
Post Producer: Brittany Carson
Editor: Matt Berardi
Colorist: Kaitlyn Battistelli
Music: Stars of the Lid
Sound Mixing: Sounds Red