NBC Sunday Night Football

August 2009 ––
While working as an ACD at Prologue Films, munkowitz helmed a team of ridiculously talented designers to enable these three concepts for the NBC Sunday Night Football evening package.

Light Slice

–– 01

A collaboration with Mr. Chris Sanchez (credited as Lead Designer).

Against a brooding soundscape the 'SUNDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL’ title treatment is revealed by luminescent beams of light. The frame dips to black. Fade up to reveal a stylized shot of a Quarterback, ready to throw: the composition is exaggerated, low-angled, focusing on an incandescent pulsing light inside the football. The footage ramps up in speed, the Quarterback launches the ball. As the football spins through the air, slices of light shred the ball apart.

As the football explodes, the camera flies through a fantastic hyper-real, multi-plane pitch. This detailed environment shows key players, the team's fans, cheerleaders, helmets and mascots with the grade inspired by the team’s colors. We fly past key players in action, our heroes set against commentary typography and ever-changing statistics. The camera then burns through an intense light revealing an industrial-futuristic scoreboard. Footage runs appropriate to the featured game.

The camera pushes through into darkness revealing the opposing team’s Kicker. The new football explodes through light taking us into the opposing teams virtual world. The camera pushes through this second environment, closing out on the NBC SUNDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL logo, the tune-in framed with elements from each environment.

A final light slice burns through frame, closing the sequence.


–– 02

A collaboration with Ms. Lilit Hayrapetyan & Pietro Desopo ( both credited as Lead Designers.


–– 03

A collaboration with the lovely Ms. Georgia Tribuiani ( credited as Lead Designer )

This concept is a homage to the great fighting posters throughout history, taking inspiration from their timeless graphic aeshetic and translating it to a richly textured, highly energetic campaign. Poster uses a layered approach to presenting the material of the promo, aggressively tearing through each team's graphic presentation, pushing the camera through a deep assemblage of footage, typography and supporting content.

Sample Sequence

–– 04

Open on textured 'Sunday Night' plastered on a billboard. The camera quickly pans right, finding the week's Hero matchup affixed in multiples on another surface. The camera pushes forward, framing one of the posters. One of the sides suddenly rips away, revealing stylized typography beneath. The surface is again quickly torn away as the camera pushes forward through posters of footage and typography, ultimately resolving on a custom mortisse of the week's required footage, highly textured and customized from Poster's toolkit. The mortisse is ripped away from the center, revealing a hero presentation relating to the opposing team, ushering in the exciting cyle of content and animation once again. Ultimately the camera pushes through the grand finale of layers of poster tears, revealing a stylized 'Sunday Night Football' on NBC lockup with the Tune-in details below.

Associate Creative Director

at Prologue Films
for NBC Sports