July 2008 ––
The great Chris Hoffmang, Creative Director of the Core contacted munkowitz about concepting and executing the first half of an internet spot promoting the imminent newZonia launch. NewZonia is/was a social networking platform for creatives, and dropped a brief with only one stipulation, Planetary congregation, which was inferred to represent the different artistic mediums coming together to fuse a community of creativity and innovation. Totally. Although with complete creative freedom, good things happen.

The Film

–– 0

Beauty Frames

–– 02
A sampling of beauty styleframes and concepts developed using the tried and true tools: Maya, finalRender and some heavy compositing love in our favorite AEP.

Process Animation

–– 03

A very favorite Mel Script asmakeCable.mel was utilized to create the dynamic cables pulling the initial globe apart, mixed in with some rigidBody dynamics and heaps of null setups.

Process Sketches

–– 04
Initially, the idea was to have multiple globes all attached to eachother, unifying a large network explosion, but that idea fell apart when the trusted asmakeCable couldn't deal with multiple simulation setups in the same scene, fail.

Design Director, Lead Designer

for The Core