Nicktoons Hairball

October 2005 ––
While freelancing at Exopolis, munkowitz was given the most excellent opportunity to design a selection of promos for the Nicktoons channel rebrand. This particular promo was entitled 'Hairball with Teeth' and involved a mechanized hand sorting through piles of 'iconic Garbage' to find the perfect lover; Monsieur Hairball. This handsome devil ( which was created from witz's genuine human tissue ) gets selected from the rubbish, dropped into an orange approval bin, plummeted deep through some dirty pipes onto a conveyer belt of Approval Spankings. It is then jettisoned into orbit, only to collide with the Nicktoon's moon, resolving in the brand, splash! the Kids sure love this shit.

The Film

–– 01

Design Language

Munkowitz designed all the environments and props, then passed them off to master animator Jayson Whitmore, who added next level personality to the promo with his talents. A fine collaboration, indeed.

Lead Designer, Art Director

at Exopolis
for Nicktoons Network