Nicktoons Red Carpet

January 2006 ––
While freelancing at Exopolis, munkowitz was given the most excellent opportunity to design a selection of promos for the Nicktoons channel rebrand. This particular promo was entitled 'Red Carpet' and involved a mechanized Totem programmed to present footage screens featuring Nick's programming lineup. The script for 'Red Carpet' was simple: a totem grows out of the Nicktoon's studio with a fantastical red carpeted pageantry, displays a dizzying array of programming options, then proceeds to erupt colored balloons, white doves, fireworks and the finale a galactic-al extraterrestial transmission ushering in an explosion of Nicktoon's logo wettness. The Kids sure love this shit.

The Film

–– 01

Design Assets

The most famously awesome part about this design was the fact that munk forgot to provide mattes for all them screens, gifting legitimate reason for master animator Gregory Reynard to loathe his existence for the last decade or so it's been.

Lead Designer, Art Director, Photographer

at Exopolis
for Nicktoons Network