OFFF 2002

March 2002 ––
Master Hector Ayuso invited Munkowitz to attend and speak at the OFFF 2002 Design Conference in Barcelona, Spain. Included in that invitation was the opportunity to generate content for their onsite video installation, so these three completely dissimilar pieces were created purely for the love of OFFF and what it stands for.


–– 01

A statement of visual and aural fascination with the NYC subway system.

Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Sound Designer
for OFFF 2002


–– 02

Crafted in response to a nightmare about an abandoned mannequin storage facility in Manhattan, this piece sought to recreate the feelings of isolation and discomfort experienced in the darkness. The moneyshot ( or the only really captivating shot in the piece ) was done in collaboration with Jesse Seppi of TronicStudio.

Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Sound Designer
for OFFF 2002


–– 03

A collaboration with Bzor Systems, who modeled and rendered the mech sexy au bound and tethered to the walls of its museum cell. Munko took the asset, output to the analog tv set and recycled the footage back through the camera, grading a heavily stylized two generation treatment that doesn't look really all that good.

for OFFF 2002