Omen Wallpapers

November 2020 ––
Munky was commissioned by his family at HP to design three distinct wallpapers for their OMEN Gaming Laptops, in which the Omen Branding and vibrant color palette was to be featured prominently in the artworks. Conceptually, Munky immersed his mind in the ubiquitous Elemental palette that is so prevalent in his works, portraying the Elements of water and air as nature’s propulsion – the physics of these elemental reactions representing progress, movement and enhancement.

In these three wallpapers, Munko harnessed the principles, movements and materiality of water and air to push frozen moments of progress into dynamic color and form, with the Omen Brand integrated and a focal point for every concept. The simulations were run using the Diamond geometry as either an emission shape or a container that the simulations were contained within and had a substantial footprint in its composition.

The lighting adhered to and honored the color gradient tones of the brand. By positioning lights in the scene as reactive  and using the bright, bold tones to push through the elements as either refractions or volumetric specular sources, the palettes were branded as distinctly Omen.


Wave utilized fluid simulations to emit a volume of highly detailed water spiraling around the brand Geometry. The Omen logo was used as a light source and also as the emission object, so the shape of the water was informed and lit by these brand dynamics to realize an almost echo of the diamond shape that plummeted into elemental chaos. 

A variety of lighting styles and depth of field options were explored and are showcased below – it’s all about the specular when dealing with such a refractive volume of detail – good, clean fun. 


Op was at first intended to be a study of Op Art and Luquid Refraction, but with the amount of detail pushed through the Fluid Simulations, it became overly busy. So the move was to pull away the layers and use Vibrant Tones as the element to run through the overlapping layers of graphic design.

In the end, the wallpaper felt brighter and much ore graphic compared to the darker, deeper rendering of the Wave and Aero techniques – which was a welcome addition in the series.


Utilizing smoke and fog simulations, Munky used the Omen diamond shaped logo as a volume trough and filled it’s ‘container’ with a highly detailed volume of fog that was rising and undulating with incredible detail.

He then took colored lights of various tones from the Omen brand to light the fog, shining through the thick volume to create interesting colors and volumetric shapes – think of it like a iridescent-colored thunderstorm.

Creative Director, Lead Designer

for OMEN Gaming PCs
Credit List

Creative Director: Bradley G Munkowitz
Lead Designer: Bradley G Munkowitz