ON Sony

July 2003 ––
While working as a staff Designer under Coach Cooper at Imaginary Forces, Munkowitz crafted this short film about reception and the tactile activation state of 'ON'. The film documents a Venice resident exploring the cultural vignettes around his neighborhood, as he records an exposition for every piece of stimulation he encounters during his journey, ultimately pin-pointing the ultimate reception between two mirroring palm trees in the sand, well done Peter.

The film, unfortunately, lost out to Grant Lau's stop motion masterpiece, as the Sony execs seemed to gravitate more towards Lau's pool-party scene with that fucking waterslide they rented; jerks.

The Film

–– 01

Design Language

–– 02

How old school is this: Munko and Tom Gilsenon, then Coach Cooper's assistant, drove around Los Angeles capturing every typographic sign containing the conceptual cue 'ON' . This library served as the repeating typographic element throughout the piece.

Director, Lead Photographer

at Imaginary Forces
for Sony Networks