ORA Prophecy

June 2012 ––
Dear friend and fellow burner-for-life Stephen Marshall hit up Munkowitz with a golden opportunity to design and direct a tech-inspired, new-wave psychedelic trailer for his simulation model entitled ORA. The clip, entitled 'The Prophecy', served to entice with heavy style and tone to inform a new generation of gaming pioneers and activists.

This resulting clip is essentially a teaching via an abstract journey through an evolving space; a theoretical exploration of mankind’s black hole, and the dissonance created in a perfect void. It fluctuates with light and energy throughout the transmission as we are pulled down an endless tunnel, searching for our purpose as the Oracle narrates our inevitable future.

The Film

–– 01

The Vision Statement

–– Unifying the Prophecy
This Prophetic journey is a unification of a hybrid of techniques, utilizing a mixture of CG-inspired facets of light shapes and digital objects meshed with practical, macro-photography of natural and chemical tunnel occurrences. Meticulously captured and sourced clips will punctuate key moments in human history, mirrored by the voice-over, will shoot out from this central void towards its deliverance. 

Coupled with heavily stylized live-action renderings of the ORACLE herself, we remind the viewer that this experience could be based in our world, and yet dictating a potential reality that we want to avoid. All of these elements will be unified in a smooth, seamless and digital flow of visual consistency, where one will transition to the next in a natural and effortless manner, effectively transmitting the powerful message of the prophecy itself in its entirety.
–– 02

The Execution

–– Black Skies
The film was completed at the esteemed Wolf & Crow studio in shitty Los Angeles, and was executed by a very dedicated team of 4 brave warriors in under 2 months – there was a Robson, a Hupke, a Swaabinator and a munkowitz – such a dreamy steamy teamy. 

The passion and collaborative spirit was evident in full force as this group of friends jammed in a small room with bright carpeting while consuming Blueberry Steaz and Banana Strips until the sky turned black.
–– 03

ORA Prophecy Credit List

Directors: GMUNK, Stephen Marshall
Design Director: Bradley G Munkowitz
Director of Photography: Kevin Gosselin
Writers: Stephen Marshall, Max Botkin
Production Company: Wolf & Crow
Executive Producer: Kevin Shapiro
Lead Designers: Bradley G Munkowitz, Adam Swaab, Kevin Stein
Lead VFX Artist: Adam Swaab
VFX Artists: John Robson, Casey Hupke, Dylan Nathan
Lead Compositor: Bradley G Munkowitz
Compositors: John Robson, Casey Hupke, Dylan Nathan, Kevin Stein
Editor: Bradley G Munkowitz
Sound Design: Keith Ruggiero, Matthew Wilcock