People for Bikes

April 2011 ––
The clip below is the graphics process video from a lovely short film funded by promoting our favorite little machines, the bike and its usage. The film served as a passion project for everyone involved and was directed by Black Swamp's own Nicolas Losq in collaboration with Rabbit director Trevor McMahon.

The Film

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Graphics / Illustration Process

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A whimsical, innocent and fun aesthetic for the graphics became the foundation that the final product was built on. The Swamp brought in Brian Gossett, an ultra-supremely talented artist whose touch meshed well with Nick and Trevor's vision, to illustrate the elements under the guidance of design director Bradley Munkowitz. The unique characters began to fit into the theme of renewal: flora and fauna that would provide a stark and bright contrast to the dark and empty concrete jungle.

“ To integrate the bicycle message, and make it ownable to the clients, we grew our natural and living world from the silhouettes and shapes of the bicycle. Gears, bicycle helmets, seats, pedals and handlebars became our primary shapes. This allowed us to create a new language, cultivating a living world that would ultimately spring from our bicycle riders and effectively change an urban environment. ” 

– Bradley G Munkowitz

Bikes Make Life Better

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Official Press Release

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PeopleForBikes.Org first approached Rabbit Content with the concept of a stationary bicycle that would sit alone on the street. A curious passerby would then take the initiative and jump on, starting to pedal. Massive art murals would descend from rooftops and cover buildings as the wheels began to spin - painting scenes of natural life coupled with urban renewal.

Rabbit Content and Black Swan immediately saw an element that needed adjustment. Biking is a celebration of movement, freedom, exploration and exercise. Immediately the process shifted to a biker in motion. Stationary murals transformed to moving pieces of art that would manifest as the bike passed locations. With a spark of brilliance an idea was born: live light projection as the art.

To show the diversity of bike riding culture the single rider became three riders: a daily commuter, a casual rider and BMX riders. was pleasantly surprised at this iteration of their ideal and the proverbial wheels starting moving for Black Swan director Nick Losq and Rabbit Content co-director Trevor McMahan.

Projection / Convergence

–– 05
By building on bicycle elements (gears, pedals, handlebars, etc) the natural elements began to take a unique shape that personified the mission. Black Swan then began the process of breathing life into these elements through animation. Landscapes were created that would serve to show a lasting and immediate change in the urban environment, as well as the generation of a convergence point where all the varied elements would coalesce into a livable space.

Keeping with the theme of nature, a park seemed to be the obvious choice as it combined the elements of lighting and concrete of an urban environment with hills, grass, blooming sunlight and a calm stream. Key to the process of execution was live testing on tech scouts. Black Swan hit the streets to scout the perfect locations in downtown Los Angeles. With some test animation the projection height, width and brightness were measured and adjusted per the initial animation tests.

The Shoot

–– 06
In order to manifest one of the most important aspects of, COMMUNITY, Rabbit and Black Swan set up a celebration at the point of convergence for the hero bike riders. Armed with a cadre of DJs and L.A.'s famous Koji BBQ truck, the team managed to swing a sizable crowd to witness, live, the projections that had been painstakingly put together to meet the expectations of the client.

Two long nights of shoots followed. With the collaboration of DPs Jackson+Karinja (another part of the Rabbit team), Nick and Trevor took over the streets of downtown. Fluidly moving with the bikers, they captured the fun and free spirit of the ride from the backs of vans, skateboards and free-hand Segways.

P4B Behind The Scenes

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“ The altruistic aspect of this job really motivated us to do great work above and beyond. Additionally, exercising our post muscles in the pre-production stage for live animation projections on shoot day was an exciting experience that, we feel, turned out to be a great success. Seeing the reactions of the gathered crowd during the shoot and watching the final project really makes me proud to be a part of this. ” 

– Nick Losq.

Design Director

People For Bikes Credit list

Agency: Colle McVoy
ECD: Mike Caguin
ACD: Brian Ritchi
Art Director: Chad Hancock
Copywriter: Joel Stacy
Producer: TJ Beagan
Live Action Production: Rabbit Content
CEO/Executive Producer: Douglas Howell
Executive Producer: Joby Barnhart
Directors: Nick Losq & Trevor McMahan
Directors of Photography: +JacksonKarinja
Line Producer: Jamie Miller
Visual Production: Black Swan
Executive Producer: Matt Winkel
Creative Director: Nick Losq
Design Director: Bradley G Munkowitz
Illustrator/Lead Designer: Brian Gossett
VFX Supervisor/Technical Director : Chris Clyne
Animators: Nick Losq, Bradley G Munkowitz, Chris Clyne
Producer: Joyce Pan
Creative Development: Lloyd DeSouza
Editorial: Final Cut LA
Executive Producer: Saima Awan
Editor: Arianna Tomasettig
Producer: Jennifer Miller
Finishing: Animal West
Executive Producer: Leslie Sorrentino
Colorist: Dan Sumpter
Flame Artist: Ben Looram
Music: Yessian NYC
Executive Producer: Mary Ellen O’Brien
Sound Designer/Mixer: Weston Fonger
Track Artist: Wood Pigeon