Pontiac Enthrallogy

January 2003 ––
The friends at MacLaren McCann Interactive selected munkowitz to be one of five artitsts to create a signature piece for the Pontiac Vibe Installation Project entitled Enthrallogy, quite an honor considering jokers like Davis and Natzke were on the roster as well. Munko's assigned theme was 'Vibe Style' considering its Aluminum Wheels, Adjustable Roof Rack, Tinted Glass, Chrome Gauges and European Sport Seating.

The Film

–– 01

Project Description

–– 02
Enthrallogy is a living art gallery that allows visitors to experience the Vibe in a totally breakthrough fashion. With access to five completely unique, cutting-edge multimedia installations, people are able to explore Vibe’s key attributes with their eyes, ears and emotions. This cluster of individually themed pages contains a barrage of intertwined media (audio, video, animation, text and images) that act first and foremost to entertain the viewer.

For this reason, Enthrallogy will appeal not only to prospective buyers but to those who have an appreciation for the skills and talents of new media artists.

Lead Designer, Lead Animator

for MacLaren McCann Interactive