Prologue Pitches

July 2009 ––
While serving as an ACD at PrologueFilms, munkowitz had the fine opportunity to lead small teams of their sickeningly talented artists towards pitch concepts that ultimately lost, that's why they're bunched into one pitch umbrella and not as their own entries, cuz they would sure be happy lil' projects on their own if they actually won the pitches and were made for reals. Regardless, good fun and inspired design.

Cartoon Network

–– 01

Pitch frames designed in collaboration with the mighty Chris Sanchez and another super tired intern who actually did a fine task, good on you, talented intern kid. The final concept utilized a surreal photographic solution to brand the CN lockup in a youthful aesthetic.

Associate Creative Director

at Prologue Films
for Cartoon Network

New Line Cinema

–– 02
That good ol' New Line Cinema lockup seen before a, so quite a visible logo animation indeed. The concept was to take the camera through the sprocket holes of the filmstrips as they slowly assemble to form the NLC lockup. Not the most innovative of ideas admittingly so, indeed.

Motion Test

–– 03

The concept further visualized through a motion sketch, set to that NLC moody orchestral arrangement, fluffn' it up to the max yet still didn't sell the damn thing.

Lead Designer, Lead Animator

at Prologue Films
for New Line Cinema


–– 04

Vonage wanted an illustrated campaign where a mouth communicated with an ear, much like how a communication via a phone would be conducted, duh.  So munko created a marionette motif where a textured pair of lips rattled off key selling phrases to an indie-rockin' dangling ear, all set on a painterly backdrop. Bummer this one didn't make it to air, certainly was a fresh stylization on a conceptually mundane creative brief.

Associate Creative Director

at Prologue Films
for Vonage

Time Warner Cable

–– 05

Playing off the Regal nature of the average Joe 'Ruling' their programming options, this pitch sought to paint a humorous portrait of divine royalty with them gold remotes and crowns, shiny toys indeed, and you gots to love them sheep and thunderHawks. This concept actually won the pitch, yet the job eventually went away, abandoning these poor creatures to solitude and a future unfulfilled.

Motion Test

–– 03

Again, taking the pitch a step further and putting the treatment into motion. This execution, albeit fairly rough, effectively communicated the regal nature of the aesthetic, silly as it may have been, taking all them gold shiny lovers and effectively curating a vibe for the campaign, bolstering the sale.

Associate Creative Director

at Prologue Films
for Time Warner Cable

The Pacific

–– 06

Munkowitz pitched on the open for the HBO Miniseries, crafting a moody vignette of an army of fallen soldiers, cast away into the depths of the ocean, where bleeding helmets and ammunition float listlessly in the ocean currents, rising slowly to the surface where blood congeals to form the typography of the show. Kinda weird, yes.

The Film

–– 07

Associate Creative Director

at Prologue Films
for HBO Networks