Puffco Peak Pro

October 2020 ––
It’s no secret that Munko is quite the cannabis aficionado, so when the opportunity presented itself to work for the best in class Puffco and create a promo for the release of their amazing Peak Pro Dab Rig, it was obviously a dream come true – and also a great chance to get heaps of free shit to accelerate the highness ︎

Munko immediately tapped his frequent collaborator Call Me Peter Clark – and together they shot the entirety of the project from his tiny shoot studio in Noe Valley over the course of four heavily caffeinated afternoons.  On the Puffco side, they worked with the worlds most handsome stoner Phillip Gadrow, who was a fantastic collaborator and produced the most excellent vibes during the entirety of the project. 

The Film

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The Concept

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The sequence intended to visually explore the sleek macro details of the Peak Pro’s vaporizing process. The team examined the elemental process behind the functionality of the device, breaking it up into four sections: Melting Point, Liquid Cooling, Inhalation and the Vapor Visions – whereas chapter informed a story and set of actions that they sought to represent visually. 

For Melting Point, they used probe lenses to to dive deep into the liquified dabs melting within the atomizer. Slow-motion shots highlighted the precision heating process as the dabs bubbled into complex formations around the lens. For Liquid Cooling, the smoke then rose through a glass cooling chamber, emerging from the water’s surface in vibrant atmospheric detail.

For Inhalation, the vaporized smoke then rushed through the chamber, heavily distorted by the glass enclosure. With a sudden shift, the smoke wass exhaled and emitted into crisp and focused light. This transitioned the viewer into the Vapor Visions, where sparkling particle details were highlighted within the smokey marbling patterns. Fractal visions created by glass prism filters begin to subdivide the smoke and embers into elaborate structures – exemplifying the effects of the vaporization and consumption process.

The film concludes when the visions streak into bursts of optical tones and refracted forms, as hints of the Peak Pro are revealed amongst the prismatic distortions. Glints of light on the surface of glass and offsetting strobe lights defined the Peak Pro through the refractions and it’s own series of LED lights and concluded the film in a branded lockup.  
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The Execution

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Obviously the CoronaVirus exerted its influence over the production of this project. So Pete and Munko got themselves tested and cleared, and then executed the entire project Just The Two of Us confined to a small popup studio at Pete’s house. They pulled out a ton of practical setups from their collective bag of tricks and each played Gaffer and Key Grip during the shoots. The probe lens and prismatic filters were the MVPs of the capture and gave the footage a unique visual flavor – and are always a go-to kit in their ever-evolving practical repertoire. 
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in the Clark Bedroom
for Puffco
Credit List

Directors: GMUNK, Peter Clark
Director of Photography: Peter Clark
Process Photography: Bradley G Munkowitz
Editor: Peter Clark
Music & Sound Design: EnterNull

Client: Puffco
Creative Director: Philip Gadrow