Qantas Q Movies

April 2004 ––
While functioning as Design Director at Engine Design Sydney, munko designed and directed this show open for Qanta's In-Flight films. The concept was to insert two adventurous actors inside a maze-like environment set within the magical Q of the Qantas logo, replete with mirrors and theatrical set items. They traverse the Qantas labyrinth and ultimately engage each other, while filmic elements on set are shot and used as supporting editorial cutaways to reinforce the Q Movies theme.

The Film

–– 01

Initial Designs

–– 02

The initial submissions had a gritty and cinematic feel. The idea was to have a black and white grade infused with red light leaks and textural overlays for the majority of the spot, and only rendered as full-color during the initial entering and exiting of the Qantas branded environment.

Alternate Designs

–– 03

The client thought the initial designs were 'too filmic' and weren't 'accessible enough' so they were revised to be more colorful, vibrant and friendly, but unfortunately losing its cinematic qualities. Fortunately, a happy medium was established during the composite to retain the filmic qualities of the orginal designs.

Director, Lead Designer

at Engine Design
for Qantas In-Flight