RESFEST Fear & Loathing

August 2007 ––
While functioning as a Design Director at Transistorstudios, Munko was given the most excellent opportunity to direct the opening animation for the Resfest10 festival. Being the last piece he'd ever make with good friends Issara Willenskomer,Chandler Owen and the Danish Turbopowered DF1, they all sought to create a portrait straight from the wet darkness within.

The predetermined theme for the festival centered around a family of cute, worldly creatures whom they didn't like so much. So their counterstrike sought to paint the story of how these cutesies were built up from scratch, in the laboratory, piece of flesh by piece of flesh. and Happily, as a result, there were no traces of cuties or cuddles in the final sequence they crafted.

The Film

–– 01

Production Photos

–– 02
Taken on-site at Issara's domestic Dungeon in beautiful Seattle, Washington.

Supply List

–– 03

An interesting snapshot of the rationale for each item they bought and massacred, ridiculous indeed.

Director, Lead Editor

at Transistorstudios
for RESFEST 10
RESFEST Credit List:

Executive Producer: Jared Plummer
Concept / Creative Direction: Bradley G Munkowitz
Director of Photography: Issara Willenskomer
Editorial: Bradley G Munkowitz
Composite: Bradley G Munkowitz
Colorist: Anders Schroder
Sound Design: Chaz Windus
Creature Modeling: Chandler Owen
Additional Photography: Chandler Owen, Matt Hamon, Bradley G Munkowitz