SF Shorts

July 2006 ––
Fresh off their collaboration on Comcast Labs, new friend and Pro Tennis star Micky Coyne curates a rad Film Festival in San Francisco and tapped munkowitz to bring the 2007 opening titles to life. The Festival, entitled SF Shorts was branded by a dope artist named Juan Leguizamon based in San Francisco, who generously provided his artwork to be set in motion – like animation and stuff.

The Film

–– 01

Supplied Artwork

Skulls, Hearts, Angel Wings, Clouds and a Clothesline were the key elements of the campaign. The challenge was to take these rather simple elements and create a short story with the camera and invisible forces to maximize their visual impact.

Animation Process

–– 03

The heroSkulls were instanced as Maya sprites utilizing particle dynamics, and were dumped using a rectangular volume emitter into an invisible 'aquarium' to create the bouncing behaviors and timings. The clouds and clotheslines artwork were mapped to image planes and emitted additional hearts at the camera, as it's believed that one can never have enough hearts, especially black ones.

Lead Animator

for SFShorts
SF Shorts Credits List

Producer / Festival Curator: Micky Coyne
Festival Illustrator: Juan Leguizamon
Titles Animation / Compositing: Bradley G Munkowitz
Sound Design: SoundsRED