Semi-Permanent 2012

May 2012 –– 
Munkowitz first participated at the Semi-Permanent Sydney conference back in 2004 as an alternate to a last-minute cancellation named Nando Costa. So when Andrew and Murray invited him to design their 10th anniversary Title sequence in addition to participating in both their 2012 Sydney and Auckland events, it was an brilliant offer he couldn't refuse. 

The Film

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The Concept

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The initial inspiration was focused on the concept of convergence within the digital light spectrum, given that the speakers and talent from around the world converge upon Sydney to inspire and entertain the design community. No doubt an overused and trite concept; so munko wanted to add a brooding, galactic tempo guiding a digital romance. So he took a completely mesmerizing track Frigia by the acclaimed musician Steve Moore and laid it as the foundation and pacing of the piece.

While listening to the galactic vibes of the track, munko imagined a series of high-speed movements bathed in a pixellated graphic light; the ideation of convergence for a triad of personas, each representing a color spectrum in the RGB universe, and damaged by the broken shards of their hearts; the fractured prism. In the end, the movements of the three performers unite as one, assembling their cores into one additive light; a memorable composite of dance, shadowing and caustics all embracing movement in unison.

The treatment guided munko to once again team up with the talents of Hysterica Dance Company and VT Pro design to source the dance talent and projection light source, and captured the action in high-speed with the ever talented Kevin Gosselin. The driving digital force was focused around Projection Mapping using the Microsoft Kinect, which tracked the dancer's movements while bathing them in graphic patterns, creating a visual composite of three layers of movement, each shadowing the next. A healthy array of caustic and other galactic touches rounded out the composition of the piece and were certainly symbiotic for the groups visual palette.
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Speaker Sequence

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For the speaker name sequence, munko collaborated with the yummy talents of Portland-based designer Peiter Hergert, and together they sought to maintain the prismic / projectionist light vibe by shooting all of Hergert's content with macro lenses on a light surface, rendering the design and animation in a similar textural treatment as the dance performance. They sourced another track from Steve Moore to keep the galactic vibes consistent. Both the title and speaker name clips were supplied to the conference and were played at various stages throughout the program.

Process Video

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Embrace the Void's own sweetheart Michael Fullman put together a process video showcasing the setup that was used for the dance performance projection mapping. The trick was to create a tracked matte of the movement, then re-project the patterning as a shadow made of light – with the same movements as the performers. Lastly, because the light was shining on the performers, a third shadow was created from the actual light – triple shadow action. Note: the clip is a little lo-fi ( iphone video ) but nonetheless is a revealing peek into the process of the Masters of Hilation.

SP2012 Titles Credit list

Director: GMUNK
Director of Photography: Kevin Gosselin
Choreographer: Hunter Hamilton
Dance Principal Male: Hunter Hamilton
Dance Principal Male: Zak Ryan Schlegel
Dance Principal Female: Denna Thomsen
Lighting Production: Embrace The Void
Lighting Lead: Kyle Ruebsmaen
Lighting Lead: Michael Fullman
Editor: Colin Woods
Music Design: Steve Moore
Projection Graphic Designer: Peiter Hergert
Colorist / Finishing: Bradley G Munkowitz
SP2012 Speaker Names Credit list

Design Director: Bradley G Munkowitz
Typography Designer: Peiter Hergert
Graphics Animator / Compositor: Peiter Hergert
Colorist / Finishing: Peiter Hergert