Spike Scream Awards

July 2008 ––
While serving as Design Director at Buck Los Angeles, munkowitz pitched on the opener for the 2009 Spike Scream Awards. The treatment focused on the divine quest of a renegade dude with a big fucking gun traversing numerous alien hazards and ultimately delivering the spikeScream awards statuette to the show's theator premiere, basking in the supreme sensation of pride and accomplishment.

The first set of frames was the filmic photoreal vs. cg-based approach that would have cost too much money to execute, hence a foolish direction for the budget even though it could have looked tight.

Alternate Styling

–– 02

This second set of frames were the cheaper 'render it in posterized 3 color-approach' yet munko distinctly remembers CD Ryan Honey detailing how much he hated the vector / posterized styling of these frames.

So of course these frames didn't make it into the pitch doc and in retrospect he was right; they really shouldn't have. 

Lead Designer, Art Director

at Buck Los Angeles
for Spike Networks