Spike Slammin' Sunday

May 2006 ––
While freelancing at Buck Los Angeles, munkowitz designed the show package for the Spike Slammin' Saturday block of programming. The concept was to brand the channel through a Lucha Libre / He-Man Figurine mash-up character who gets physically abused and tormented through various methods of creative torture. He also mounts a highly customized construction vehicle and leads an small army fortified with toy soldiers, violent salmon missles and tequila bombs, engaging in violent warfare against another of his kind.

6 Spot Campaign

–– 01

The 3d team at Buck had a conceptual and aesthetic foundation to run with, and predictably, they excercised their superStar skills by taking the creative to a radical place ( the NutClamp is a favorite ) ultimately created a solid campaign for the Slammin' Spikers.

Alternate Design

Another pitch concept centered around the theme of impregnation and masculine machismo through a giant aggregation of machine love; A jack and the beanStalk creation, if you will, created through the innards of an unseen and unsuspecting subject, although the concept was canned since it's not entirely appropriate to insinuate the process of pregnancy on television.

Lead Designer, Art Director

at Buck Los Angeles
for Spike Networks