SuperRare Genesis

December 2020 –– 
In late 2020, during what seemed like vertigo from an interminable lockdown, something magical happened – an vibrant emergence of Digital Art via the Non-Fungible Token. In this moment, lifelong Digital Artists had an audience of vibrant collectors, pairing the Token and the Values on the Ethereum Blockchain to Digital Artworks, where the growth and popularity of both became exponential. The world of Digital Art was never the same.

Munky jumped into the fray around December, 2020 and a majority of the work created was auctioned through the two platforms SuperRare and Nifty Gateway. Below is a compendium of his Single Edition Digital Artworks published on the SuperRare platform and will be an ongoing stream of output. 

The Divine Molecule

Purchased for 10 ETH | $6,706
by matrix

I took another hit, my vision softening – the blooms intensifying, those familiar kindles of light satiating my periphery. As the ego diffused – I found tranquillity deep within the submerged mind. The Neurogenesis began. Embrace the Subliminal.

Minted December 1st, 2020

Ocular Meshing

Purchased for 5.1 ETH | $6,706
by fastackl

Ocular Meshing with 5-MeO-DMT explores the characteristic frequencies of the strobe and replay. Whereas DMT comes with a strong color pulsing effect leading to very colorful visuals, 5-MeO-DMT gives rise to these monochromatic trace effects and seems to produce “neural integration” involving the entrainment of any two arbitrary subnetworks.

Minted December 10th, 2020

The Psychotropic Colony

Purchased for 6 ETH | $11,079
by think_flexible

The Psychotropic Colony is the Engine of Qualia Diversity – the phenomenon which uses multiple optimization points to converge on an invariance, which hint at the range of possible experiences in the Qualia state space, opening up beyond.

Minted December 22nd, 2020

The Emergent Form

Purchased for 11.65 ETH | $19,547
by 888

A platonic sphere array remodeled as an Emergent Form while being lensed through an optical distortion field.

Minted January 26th, 2021

A Date with a Hologram

Purchased for 12 ETH | $23,234
by superpotsecret


Meet Oly, the interference pattern. Her passions are stereoscopic light fields and fixed wavelength referenc beams. She speaks 49 languages.

Minted February 13th, 2021

Spheriform Harmonics

Purchased for 8.25 ETH | $16,204
by digitalxyz

1760 Hz 4th Partial • 3rd Overton Remodeled • 8th Harmonic Etude

Minted February 19th, 2021

Tristan and Isolde

Purchased for 10.888 ETH | $20,423
by 888

A thousand years in the making, the legend of Tristan and Isolde endures. In this re-imagining of the epic romance, we place the lovers in the moment of their rapture. Tristan pulls Isolde back from the underworld, her breast filled with longing for her tragic, true love. He watches as she remerges, her face possessed by a kind of ecstasy that only eternal love knows. They will die in this moment, to live forever.

Minted March 1st, 2021

Inside the Stellation Pattern

Purchased for 10 ETH | $18,545
by evault


By mapping the vertices of a Convex Icosahedron and lensing through an optical distortion field, the stellation of the polyhedron remodels the resulting symmetries.

Minted March 10th, 2021

The Perfect Simulation

Purchased for 20 ETH | $36,415
by superpotsecret

Fire Propagation • Flame Genesis • Voxels Illuminated.

Minted March 30th, 2021

Director, Digital Artist

for SuperRare