TRON Concepts

November 2015 ––
Late in 2015, Munkowitz teamed up with design greats Michael Rigley and Toros Kose to create a series of concept frames for an Unspecified, Inconspicuous Mystery Trawn Project that nobody can ever speak of. The team’s approach was varied, as the brief was essentially wide open granting the boys the opportunity to frolic in the Trawnic Atmosphere; iterating and discovering some bold, unique, and fresh concepts that informed their massive output.

They explored Extreme Environmental influences like Hail Storms, Lava Flows, Wind and Electric Rain, Refractive and Distorted Terrains, Lava Worlds, Prisma Color Data Constructs, Film Noir Aesthetics, Distressed Architecture, and of course, heavy amounts of MetaVerse inspired Glitch effects – everywhere. As a result of the explorations, what follows below is a most Epic scroll of highly inspired design work from the renowned Super Team Ultra Force:

TRON Concepts Credit List

Production Company: Tool of North America
Design Director: Bradley G Munkowitz
Lead Designers: Michael Rigley, Toros Kose
Client: The Secret Sauce