TRON Disc Game

March 2010 ––
For the entirety of 2010, munkowitz led a Black-Ops team of GFX All-Stars deep into the darkness at Digital Domain crafting over 12 minutes of holographic content for the feature film TRON: Legacy Copyright Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

The Output

–– 01

Disc Game Overview

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The Disc Game Scoreboard was the team's first graphics task and was a fierce introduction to the Domain's pipeline integration. Munkowitz and Jake Sargeant designed and animated a library of 2d textures that were then passed on to the texturing team and layered on proxy geometry in more than 30 shots, ultimately being rendered from stereo cameras and fully integrating into each scene.

Scoreboard Design Process

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The scoreboard was broken down into 8 bracketed matches, displaying 16 combatants in total for round 01. The bracket design had to accommodate multiple rounds of game play, so it was designed with a collapsable behavior in mind. An external HUD display was also crafted to add detail and an extra layer of depth, as well as a concepted formation design generated from the light tracers below.

Open-Frameworks App Development

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The formation of the scoreboard and advancing gameplay animations were the hero moments of the graphic sequence, and they utilized the 'Tronlines' app built with Mr. Josh Nimoy to execute the board's circular-based formation aesthetic, taking inspiration and visual cues from the original Tron scoreboard's behavior, which was referenced extensively. They outfitted the custom open frameworks application with a healthy dose of controls for maximum iterative freedom.

Other design tools included the infamous 'Egyptian' algorithm that generated massive amounts of linear-based traveling linework and was used extensively for the bracket animations when a combatant was de-rezzified.

Design Director,  Lead Editor

for Disney Enterprises

Disc Game Scoreboard Credit List

Director: Joseph Kosinski

Production Facility: Digital Domain
Executive Producer: Lisa Beroud
VFX Supervisor: Eric Barba
Graphics Design Director: Bradley G Munkowitz
Graphics Lead Designers: Bradley G Munkowitz, Jake Sargeant
Graphics Lead Animators: Bradley G Munkowitz, Jake Sargeant
Graphics Code Artist: Josh Nimoy

TRON: Legacy © Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved.