TRON Portal Climax

June 2010 ––
For the entirety of 2010, munkowitz led a Black-Ops team of GFX All-Stars deep into the darkness at Digital Domain crafting over 12 minutes of holographic content for the feature film TRON: Legacy Copyright Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

The Output 

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Portal Climax Overview

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The team was asked to design concept art for the grandiose explosion at the end of the film when Flynn subdues and ultimately vaporizes Clu with his pulsating data storm explosion ring. The team repurposed a few systems written by Mr. Nimoy back in the Xfinity days ( happy to know some good came out of that project ) and administered heaps of design love from munko and Sargeant to complete the frames.

The artwork created wasn't explicitly used in the film, but certainly inspired DD's houdini team in developing the aesthetic of the light elements used in the sequence.

Portal Interior Concept Art

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Another series of concept art the team executed was for the interior of the 'Portal' itself, which conceptually was to be a light-beacon of intensely radiating data streams. Utilizing more recycled apps from Nimzee, munko and Sargeant generated a library of different data stream tunnels to inspire and inform DD's houdini team. The choice pick of the batch was a hexagonal stream of egyptian line-work emanating towards camera in a beautifully asymmetrical and impossibly organic motion, output directly from the application.

Energy Field Concept Art

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The team also utilized the Nimoy apps 'Beam-Pusher' and 'Twist' to generate a dense blanket of data points and linework traveling in an orbiting motion around Flynn's base. Although none of these assets were used in the final film, the team thought they were pretty fuckn' cool.

Design Director, Lead Designer

for Disney Enterprises

Portal Concept Art Credit List

Director: Joseph Kosinski
Production Facility: Digital Domain
Executive Producer: Lisa Beroud
VFX Supervisor: Eric Barba
Graphics Design Director: Bradley G Munkowitz
Graphics Lead Designer: Bradley G Munkowitz, Jake Sargeant
Graphics Lead Compositor: Bradley G Munkowitz
Graphics Code Artist: Josh Nimoy

TRON: Legacy © Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved.