Transit 7

November 2000 ––
GMUNK's first job after Humboldt State University ( bless you, Arcata ) was a gig with Vir2L Studios Europe in downtown London, UK. To document the transitional experience from pristine and peaceful Humboldt County to the insanely over-stimulating British Empire, a short 7 day graphic film was created and styled to depict the complete mental explosion munko experienced.

The Film

–– 01

Design Language

–– 02

A collection of typographic frames during the piece, providing an opportunity to tune into the inner dialogues during the 7 day collection period.

Flash Interface

–– 03

A flash interface was created to present the film, playing off the assortment of design influences from the UK repertoire. ( attn: RealTalk: ) Let us harken back to the glorious era of flash, when artists would spend valuable creative resource on extending the depth of content via flash interfaces; when rich, immersive experiences were the norm. nowadays, delivery is becoming exceedingly mundane for the sake of simplicity and timeliness; a sign of internet modernization you say? bullshit. well, munko sure misses that fabulously stimulating era of yonder, but sadly understands why it went away. Old school, bitch.

Director, Designer, Editor

for the Love, son