Tycho – See (Performance Cut)

November 2014 ––
Upon releasing the Music Video for Tycho’s track ‘See’ on Ghostly International, the team decided a special release of the Performance Cut was worthy of public consumption, ultimately editing a montage of the entire band performance using only Kinect-informed infrared footage with practical selects dappled amongst the 5 minutes for a visual reprieve.

The result is a visual journey into the band’s aural landscape, immersing the eyes in a sea of bokeh where the instruments and performers melt into a performance charged with circular aberrations of light and color. As The Creator's Project so eloquently stated in their feature ‘Tycho's Music Video Redux For "See" Turns The Musicians Into Living Constellations.’

The Film

–– 01

The Film Technique

–– Kinect vs Full-Spectrum

The team started experimenting with infrared lighting and discovered that the IR emitter in the Microsoft Kinect projected a starfield-like dot pattern not unlike what a 3D render of point cloud data looks like. Captured with a full spectrum camera it became photographic, where fields of bokeh and shimmering discs reveal multiple layers of shape and form. In addition, some of the lens flares they were able to make with the Kinect are unlike anything ever seen before - creating super dense moire patterns and 3D-like caustic inversions of lens geometry.

The set in which they shot the Performance was totally dark, aside from a red laser as the backdrop - we could not see anything except while looking through the cameras viewfinder. Operating a camera in this situation was like a real manifestation of virtual reality. The band also couldn’t see each other and couldn’t tell who or what the camera was looking at - which ultimately made the performance feel very raw and unhindered.. The visual results tie perfectly with the concept of ’See’ in which we always seem to reveal new visual worlds that are beyond our terrestrial abilities of sight.
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Tycho - See ( Performance ) Credit List

Director: GMUNK
Assistant Director: Ian Colon
Executive / Line Producer: Andrew Devansky
Director of Photography: Joe Picard
Practical Effects Artists: Conor Grebel, Mike Williams
Editor: Bradley G Munkowitz
Colorist: Matt ‘Prince Wesley’ Hare
1st Camera Assistants: Magaera Stephens
2nd Camera Assistants: Dakota Wilder Smith
Lighting: Tej Verde, Dakota Wilder Smith, Patrick Walsh
Production Company: Ground Control UK
Executive Producer: Michael Stanish
Extra Special Thanks: Ground Control UK, Ghostly