Velvet TV

April 2003 ––
French internet superstation Velvet Television needed a promo piece for their 2003 launch event. They gave Munkowitz a completely open brief, save for the requirement to include concert footage of their signed musical talent. So Munko sought to do something unique; create the worlds first wind-up toy pornography, mixed with subplots of mammalian evolution and aural ejaculate birthing, and voila, one of Munkos all-time favorites yes indeed.

The Film

–– 01

VelvetTV Branding

–– 02

Always healthy to do a branding study when the mark is on-screen for less than 24 frames, fuckit. The end result was a V-themed Ming the Merciless circumcised dome aesthetic. Yes, fuckit.

Director, Designer, Editor

for Velvet Television