March 2006 ––
Colleague and the best looking man in Canada Ron Gervais asked munkowitz to design an illustration for his show ' ZooRoom: A Room With A Zoo ' which went down on October 28th, 2005 at the Resistor Gallery in Toronto, Ontario.

The concept behind the piece was to take all the fetishes inside and construct a possessed mechomunkoflexx powered by its signature red hydro-juiced THC feed, trying as it might to escape the gimpy barricade built to encage this very sexy beast.

Detail Views

–– 01

Up close views will present a deep appreciation for roto'ing into the wee hours just to prove a point that excessive detail is appreciated by those who appreciate the excessive detail.


–– 02

As many elements as possible were captured with a ghetto-ass point and click canon sd whatever, proving the point that even the most booty of cameras from 2005 can still pack some detail in their holes.

Lead Designer & Photographer

for Resistor Gallery