Sudden Rush 

March 2024 ––
As a new years resolution, cutting a shiny new reel in 2024 was a top priority. Fair enough, as it had been since 2009 when Munky had cut a reel, so it was certainly time. A deep research phase ensued on a track selection, which took an entire month of heavy listerning in Spotify. Finally Munky discovered a rather obscure remix track from one of his favorite producers, Cinnamon Chasers entitled Sudden Rush – Cinnamon Chasers Cinematic Ambient Remix and the process was initiated. 

What ensued was an intense clip selection from a 10 year archive, as much rhythmic editorial as the track would allow, bold title design as an homage to Enter the Void, loads upon loads of frame fuckery and behold, a shiny new reel was born entitled Sudden Rush that is about as gmunkosity as can be, enjoy. 

The Reel

–– 01

The Keyframes

–– 02
Sudden Rush takes live-action footage from 2013 onward, a 10 year archive of work that made it difficult to choose which moments fit into a two minute edit. That’s always the hardest part of cutting reels, is to maintain that balance between the readability of the cilps, and packing enough density and flurries to satisfy the most hardcore motion design instincts within.

Cutting a reel is also a very nostalgic process, forcing you to cherish the memories created while making each piece of work as you relive every story in every frame as you put it all together. It forces you to thoroughly analyze the work, and then identify the through-lines that inspire and reinforce a vision towards the future; and what directions the work feeds into looking ahead. Munky takes it day by day, project by project, fully focused on doing the best work in the moment at hand, and understands that it’s a cumulative, aggregate sum of the parts to building a legacy of consistently solid output.
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Director, Digital Artist

for The Sudden Rush
Credit List

Director: GMUNK
Digital Artist: GMUNK
Editor: Bradley G Munkowitz
Music: Sudden Rush – Cinnamon Chasers Cinematic Ambient Remix
Performed by: Abakus, Cinnamon Chasers
Written by: Russell Davies
Source: Modus Recordings
Typography: Michael Cina
Title Animation: Peiter Hergert
Special Thanks

To all my close collaborators over the years who helped me produce this work ︎

Joe Picard, Michael Fullman, Conor Grebel, Phil Reyneri, Peter Clark, Toros KoseMichael RigleyPeiter Hergert, Michael Cina, Adam LaBay, Harvey Moon, Joshua Pipic, Tarik Abdel-Gawad, Jason Kerr, James MedcraftChris Probst, Isaac BaumanPepe Ávila del Pino, Sam Goldie, Charles Infante, and so many more...

To all the production companies who have supported the work ︎

VT Pro Design, Tool of North America, JOJX, Nexus Studios, Bot & Dolly, AutofussGround Control