The Spectrum Series

September 2021 –– 
After taking a brief hiatus from selling 1/1s on SuperRare in order to re-establish control of supply and scarcity, Munky decided to return to the platform with one of his most cherished photographic techniques and signature series, InfraMunk. This new series, entitled The Spectrum Series was focused on capturing of the full-spectrum of light in one of his favorite locations, Mount Tamalpais in Marin, California. In that specific location, captured in July and August of 2021 during the legendary Bay Area Fog Season, Munky first wanted to capture the relaxing emotional resonance that occurs when photographing in these conditions with his first piece entitled The Spectrum of Solace. collected by the legend studio137.

He then wanted to follow that up with a piece focused on the dynamic movement of the fog with a long exposure capture that showcased various foliage formations bathed underneath the layers and motion of the dense, volumetric fog entitled Ultraviolet Wave collected by esteemed Dr. Robinson aka junkbin. Both pieces, along with Island in the Clouds, which was previously sold at his first Christie’s auction, comprise an ongoing study of the location, the densities and physics of fog, and how they influence the stylistic color grades of full-spectrum photography. All of this imagery occurs when combining the visible and infrared spectrums of light into interesting and surreal photographic captures and the fog densities greatly influence the technique in very compelling and unexpected ways.

The Spectrum of Solace

Purchased for 7.5 ETH | $27,949
by studio137v

Immersed in the unseen, the wind blows softly while the fog slowly creeps through the trees. In this Mount Tamalpais Valley, forms of foliage emerge and vanish in the heavy atmosphere, the dry grass undulating casually in the breeze. The camera is tuned to capture the wavelengths of light 590 nanometers and above, through the entire Infrared Spectrum, and reveals a phantom world that soothes the mind and placates the soul. A Quiet Place of Solace where this spectral light source is painting a picture – invisible until unearthed, instigating a process of discovery with every exposure.

Minted August 25th, 2021

Ultraviolet Wave

Purchased for 9.6 ETH | $40,749
by junkbin

In this second installment of the ‘Spectrum Series’ we explore the domain of HyperColor. Within the composition is an emergent cove of Oak Woodlands that are blanketed by the streaking fog, as the principles of time and space are blurred beneath this golden atmosphere. We observe the heartbeat of nature’s movement, rich with saturation, the vivid tones a celebration of a photographic technique and palette uniquely characteristic to this Invisible Spectrum of Light.

Minted September 7th, 2021

Director, Digital Artist

for SuperRare