Motus in Lucem

September 2023 ––
During the current Digital Art Renaissance in 2024, one of the most important aspects of it all is screen technology, as it defines how artists display their work in homes, but also in larger event spaces. One of the biggest and best players in the game is W1 Curates, an incredible exhibition space with the best in class LED Technology elegantly spanning from wall to wall, and featured a luscious black gloss floor and mirrored pillars to bounce tasty reflections everywhere. The operation is helmed by dear friend Mark Dale, who together with his amazing team have been exhibiting the crème de la crème of digital artists in the world.  

In September 2023, the team invited Munkowitz to exhibit his works in the space and produce a full takeover for the month. He was to be wedged in between legendary artists Ash Thorp and Fvckrender, so Munky knew he had to bring the heat and produce an extraordinary show that would hold up to the highest standards of digital art exhibitions.  

The Digital Art

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It’s been a productive three years in the Digital Art space since 2021, as we know that inception was nothing short of surreal with regards to output and sales, which of course warranted the hiring of management to corral everything and set in place a sound strategic foundation going forward. While the output has soundly and essentially tapered off significantly since 2021, there was still a healthy serving of options to exhibit at the show.

Munky took into account the movement and cadence of each series and carefully selected a playlist of his greatest hits that would take advantage of the time-offset techniques put into place. What was exhibited had most of the signature works, and even previewed a few new pieces from a certain future series that won’t be shared here whatsoever.
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Exhibited Works

W1 Curates

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W1 Curates is a public art platform located at the heart of London’s iconic Oxford Street. Purposely executed to deliver the best and most cutting-edge projects in Art, Fashion, and Music, W1 Curates harnesses state-of-the-art technology to exhibit creative content with digital prowess and unrivalled innovation and reach.

The wraparound tech covers the exterior of Flannels London Flagship store, rendering its facade into an extraordinary public art exhibition. Situated on the busiest shopping street in Europe, W1 Curates brings art to the people.

W1 Curates also represents the most influential artists in the world because artists are at the heart of their vision – they pride themselves in showcasing art and creators at the level you’d expect from any world-class gallery or institution.

The bespoke, in-house batch-matched LED screen technology portrays the artist’s palette true to form without any variation from the original artwork. In short, whites are white with no variation of tone and black is black minus any grey undertones as is typically seen on commercial screens.

W1 Curates invites artists to treat the venue as a blank canvas. They believe that this approach supports the process of exploration – to push boundaries and maximise creative freedom.
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Motus in Lucem

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Enter ‘Motus in Lucem’ (movement into the light) a forty-five compendium of motion and static works spanning the past three years. What was so compelling about the approach was how the works manipulated the element of time, using editing and time offsets to create cascading waves of motion that created an interesting visual flow throughout the space. Played back at scale and applied to the selected work on display, this effect was rather immersive and brought a signature flavor of motion design to the exhibition.

With a deep emphasis on how the impression of light and optics could be rhythmically sequenced this created a choreography and geometry to the light signatures that sought to become an alchemy in motion. Together with the W1 Curates and ATRBUTE teams they sought to produce a fresh and unique interpretation of a digital art exhibition.

A special thanks goes out to longtime collaborator Peiter Hergert for all the hustle on helping organize and compose the layout for the exhibition. His vision and astute attention to detail made this amibitious effort possible ︎ 
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The Opening

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The opening night of the exhibition was definitely a career highlight. Being literally immersed in the work that was so meticulously produced over the past three years was absolutely surreal, it was like the computer monitor exploded in size and wrapped around the periphery. Also, the throng of dear friends made during our time living in London who showed up for the event warmed the heart to an indescribable level. 

Overall, it was an amazing night and event, and Munky owes everything to the amazing team at W1 Curates. It’s fun to dream about where this top tier platform is going, as we’re only in the beginning of this movement, and we definitely know a few momentous events planned in the coming years that will surely raise the bar of what’s possible. 

It’s all very exciting and lends a great deal of confidence that this movement has a great deal of momentum and that the future is very, very bright.
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Director, Digital Artist

for W1 Curates
Credit List

Digital Artist: GMUNK
Creative Director: Peiter Hergert
Curator: Ronnie Pirovino
Chief Creative Officer: Mark Dale
Executive Producer: Amanda Mckenna